U.S. Tries to Assassinate U.S. Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki


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"Citizenship" is this case is merely a rubric conferred by statist entities to establish a claim on people's life and liberty, which I don't recognize, and so I dismiss that part of Greenwald's argument with further consideration.

Where al-Alawki was born is a totally irrelevant consideration to anybody but head-in-the-sand statist assholes like Greenwald anyhow. If some nut-job Islamist was trying to burn Greenwald and his same sex partner at the stake for being gay I dare say Greenie would be more than happy to have gun toting sailors blow him to smithereens without benefit of any bourgeois nanny-state legal considerations. As would we all reading this I daresay. Greenwald wants the state to protect him and his but wants to be protected in such a way that leaves him with a warm fuzzy feeling about due process at the end of it all. Good luck with that Greenie.