US Gov Threatened to Fine Yahoo $250,000 Per Day For Not Participating in PRISM Surveillance Program


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Cutting through all the bull crap about the 1,500 pages somebody "filed" in the white man's secret courts, etc etc etc -- it is important to understand something basic: Everything I write here at STR, or post on a "Yahoo Group" (or any other group for that matter) -- or anywhere and everywhere on the internet or on my cellphone or in almost any public venue can be picked up electronically, cataloged by key-word and connected to my phone or email, etc etc etc. That's the age in which we now live. I might spend considerable time, energy and resource encrypting and coding if it makes me feel better. That might cut down the "risk". Somewhat.

In addition, there are a whole host of psychopaths out there who do not have my (or your) best interests at heart, and who will gleefully find reason to lock you or me into one of their rape cages. I think there are now over 50,000 US federal "laws" and/or "regulations" under which the white man can pursue me. Or you.

But please understand: the white man is stupid. A pompous ass. He depends 100% upon your fear and your paranoia. And your "voluntary compliance".

And your statist mentality.

Let's not forget our old friend, Étienne de la Boétie. What he wrote nearly 500 years ago is just as applicable today as it was in 1552. The basic principle has not changed. The white man has but two eyes. And only so many jail cells. And a limited number of henchmen to carry out his egregious acts. Granted, within the span of many of our lifetimes -- in our statist thinking, before STR -- we've seen "the-land-of-the-free" morph into the most atrocious police state in the history of mankind.

But you can be free. Today. Where you are.

You need not change my opinions, or your neighbors', or your family. The place to start is between your ears.

Just be free. Sam