US Doctors Urge Wider Use of Cholesterol Drugs


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Yes. This is a media blitz bought and paid for by the big pharma companies that sell statins. They want to increase sales, without regard to the benefits/harm their products create.

There is a growing body of evidence that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. Inflammation of the arteries is the cause, and cholesterol collects at the inflamed places, blocking the arteries. Statin drugs alter liver function to reduce cholesterol, but nothing to reduce inflammation of the arteries, which is the cause of heart disease. The statin drugs have some major side effects that could be devastating. They interfere with large muscle function, and prolonged dosage can do permanent damage to these muscles. These drugs should be taken off the market. They must be so profitable that the big pharma firms that sell them are willing to sacrifice the health of one third of the population to fill their pockets with these odious profits. Bah on the statin producers. Wake up America before they poison you into a wheelchair.

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Informative Point mkghandi- My Dr. wanted me on statins because of high cholestrol. I refused, and started using Red Yeast Rice along with Cinnamon. My cholesterol dropped from 282 to 123 over a three month period when we re-took the test. The Dr. did not argue with me regarding what I was doing. Just said, keep doing what your are, it is obviously working for you. I know he really wanted me to do the statins. I have recently learned that Cinnamon has no effect on cholesterol. This will not cause me to stop the regime I am using. Now, I cannot say it will work for everyone, but it worked for me. I need to find something natural for BP, and pain.