U.S. Air Strike Kills Over 150 in Somalia; Pentagon Claims "Self-Defense"


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From the article:

    "...Not a single one of those people was ever afforded the right to defend themselves, to defend their life and liberty, against charges that they were “extremists” who posed “an imminent threat” to the United States or its citizens..."

Perhaps I've just become old and cynical. If one lives long enough, that can happen, you know. But all of these articles that consist of whimpering and complaining about murderers murdering people leave me cold. Because the whining and wringing of hands makes no progress in ending the slaughter. It will go on, and on, and on.

The first order of business to end war is for individual anarchists to have the courage to climb up onto the pulpit of anarchy and to preach the gospel that there is no such thing as "...the United States..." Thus, no "citizens". "Its" citizens simply do not exist. Murderers exist. Psychopathic killers have no qualm about dispatching cowardly drones to murder individuals. The lingua franca is always something about "national-security". That sells the idea to the petulant serfs, who are robbed of their production in order to pay the costs of "war".

If you think of yourself as a "citizen" you have already lost the battle.

Language matters. What you tell yourself matters dearly. It makes the difference as to whether you are effective as an instrument of peace, or an instrument of war.

I believe that to be anarchist requires that one change her entire language and thought process. Once that happens she is in a position to understand that articles such as this -- accurate in fact as they might be -- approach the issue from the point of view that government (a brainless abstraction) might not be such a bad idea after all. If "we" can just see to it (by voting in political elections, "voluntary compliance", etc etc etc) that "good" people are in charge of "us", why, a better life for all will ensue.

Slave thinking.


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Sam: I enjoyed your response. It seems as if I never stop learning when I read your posts. I did find it interesting in terms that the Michigan Legislature has introduced a bill requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance on themselves for their firearm. There are no ends to justification.