UFO Disclosure: Why Now?

Column by Alex R. Knight III.

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Many moons ago, I published an STRicle here on what certain people calling themselves Government might or might not have known regarding the entire unidentified flying object phenomenon, and what incentives they might've possessed to withhold any such knowledge from public (or any outside) scrutiny.

But my, how times have changed! In mid-December last year, theNew York Times broke a story that went viral, covered by innumerable media outlets small and large. Government people had indeed been studying the UFO phenomenon, and recently. Actual footage was released from US Navy fighter jets flying a reconnaissance mission in 2004 off the California coastline showing a UFO detected on radar. Pilots upon approach within ten nautical miles could not visually see the object in question – though its image was on radar and it seemed to be disturbing the ocean water beneath it. The object also moved at speeds and performed maneuvers no known aircraft were capable of, and which in fact, in some cases, defied the known laws of physics.

More astonishing still was admission of governmental possession of material recovered from one or several past UFO encounters which defied ready explanation. Reputedly, one sample was a metal alloy of sorts that displayed a kind of rubbery elasticity. Upon analysis, its composition supposedly contained nothing outside of the Universal Table of Elements – yet the manner in which these elements were bonded together defied all current (human) scientific explanation.

In fact, Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon's formerly secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, has openly speculated that “we may not be alone.” It is interesting to note that Elizondo allegedly resigned his post in protest of, according to the New York Times, “excessive secrecy and internal opposition to the program.”

For decades heretofore, it has been US government standard operating procedure to immediately deny any knowledge of or interest in this topic. Yet, suddenly, and with no warning, in December of 2017, that all began to change.

The question that needs to be asked, of course, is Why? What possible motivation might the ruling bureaucrats have for implementing UFO disclosure at this time? It is doubtful that Elizondo's forthcomingness with the media was not in some way sanctioned by his former employers. A simple threat of arrest and prosecution under some “national security” rubric would likely be enough to ensure silence from anyone such as Elizondo. After all, such threats seem to have worked quite well prior to all of the above revelations.

We can – as is so often the case when dealing with such intractable subject matter – merely speculate. Might the powers-that-shouldn't-be, after decades of denial, finally be acquiescing to both external and internal pressure to reveal the truth? Perhaps they now view continued stonewalling of the subject to have been counter-productive to their own purposes – producing levels of paranoia and government distrust they'd rather attempt to alleviate . . . at the very least for the good PR. Disclosure might also serve as a kind of bellwether in terms of gauging public reaction. And if in fact this was the case, I'd call their gambit a major success: What in my view should've been one of the greatest revelations of not just our own time, but of all time seemed to have trouble eliciting even yawns from the hoi polloi. No riots. No panicking. Sports scores, Christmas celebrations, and the weather were topics of paramount interest by comparison.

Again, we're left to merely wonder. But my cynicism towards all things governmental leads me to conclude that whatever their m.o. with respect to UFO disclosure at this juncture, it is not rooted in any nobility of cause. There is almost without doubt some ulterior motive (or several, most likely) at hand. We may not yet be able to place our fingers on just what those things may be, but we would naturally do well to keep our eyes and ears open – as well as our minds. No level of skulduggery has ever been beyond those in government, and we should not look for them to alter their habits anytime soon.

Might they simply be lying about all of this? In most cases, on virtually any other topic dealing with government, I'd say yes. On this though, I turn away from my usual conclusion. Their possible motives for doing so then become even more elusive and implausible.

Perhaps if you're reading this, you can think of some plausible motivation(s) for these developments? If so, please make use of the Comments feature below. I'd enjoy reading your own thoughts.

Meanwhile, I'm left to wonder how much we have still not been told about further past – or subsequent to 2004 – UFO incidents of which government forces have knowledge and were involved . . . and why not.

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Gwardion's picture

If you are looking for patterns..... a Space Force? Maybe connected?

Mark Davis's picture

I've been pondering this question as well, Alex; with the same skepticism. The nature and purpose of this psyops are still uncertain to me. I can't figure out if 1) they have really been hiding information proving the existance of aliens among us and are just now leaking it out before the big reveal or 2) they are creating a false narrative to make us believe that there are aliens here and now. Either way, my guess would be that the global warming and terrorism memes are losing momentum as tools to generate fear among the populace about problems too-big-for-the-little-guy-to-handle such that only international institutions (i.e. World Government/UN) can cope with them. Or maybe it was just the "Space Force" roll-out. You can be certain, as you stated, that the reason is not for honorable purposes.

Alex R. Knight III's picture

Hi Guys:  I hadn't thought about the Space Force rollout -- interesting.  Of course, anything the USG (or any other current government) can put into outer space would be zero military match for technologies such as those displayed by these UFOs.  But the timing is definitely suspect.

Samarami's picture

The fact that we're discussing this under the presumption that only the brainless idea called "government" would be the culprit insofar as "withholding information" pertaining to "unidentified objects" is evidence of the total saturation most of us have suffered under what we like to call "statism".

None of us were born with an anarchist spoon in our mouths. Thinking logically -- outside the "statist box" -- has been a totally new feeling for many of us. And "government" (psychopaths who deign to rule) fairly well have a handle on the financing of huge scientific projects -- including evidence of the phenomenon that usually elicits an emotional response -- the-theory-of-evolution.

I began to question "science" many years ago. Any time that word is placed in quotation marks -- or is used as a noun -- as if "it" were a living, breathing entity -- brings me to question. Because most of what we know as "science" has been accomplished in some manner with stolen (tax) resources one way or another.

That does not mean that I question the scientific method of reason. I'm a science teacher (in a previous life). I'm merely saying "we" don't know a lot about "our" universe.

My favorite "scientist" was Carl Sagan. Of all people, he knew the likelihood of other forms of life that must be present somewhere in the vastness of space. He just hadn't been able to discover one or more of those forms of life before he died at an early age. I suspect he died of unorthodox faith in the "science" of medicine.

Who knows -- perhaps one day "we" will find that there ARE many other forms of life -- possibly much more advanced and intelligent than "we" are -- somewhere in the light-years (are there such things as "dark-years???" :-]) away from earth.

Hopefully, that will be after "discovery" will no longer be in the hands of deep-pocket psychopaths. Sam

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Hi Sam:
I would only add to your input that the prima facie evidence of other advanced lifeforms is, evidently, already here.  Unless, of course, the above-cited incidents are in fact entirely fabricated.

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I wouldn't be in any position to argue against any of the late-night radio shows' "evidence" from expert guests and call-in participants. There well might be folks who are "exploring us", and who have come near to "communicating" with "us". And there may well be reasons that the psychopaths-that-be don't want to disseminate the "truth" to the hoi polloi. Conspiracies of this sort are just part and parcel of that egregious idea encompassed in "the state".

I'd be interested to discover if any of the Voyager expeditions launched by Carl Sagan and his associates have born fruit. He was a believer in the natural potential that there must indeed be other "intelligent life" somewhere out there in the vastness that is our incomprehensible universe.

Nice topic for discussion, Alex.


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Hi again Sam:
That's just it though -- suddenly this topic, as it were, is no longer the province of Coast to Coast AM, or other kinds of "conspiracy" or paranormal media.  This is the establishment's very own MSM opening up about it.  My column attempts to probe into some possible reasons why.  It very well could be total fabrication...but then, why?  It could be 100% bonafide truth.  In which case, again, why reveal it so openly after so many decades of cagey secrecy -- some of it perhaps reverse psychology in and of itself?  "They" (the powers that shouldn't be called Government) obviously want "us," one way or another, to accept at least the two pieces of information cited above as truth.