Tucson SWAT Helmetcam Records The Murder Of Jose Guerena


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In my neck of the woods, the police scream "search warrant" before they knock your door in with a battering ram. Only after you're face-down on the floor in handcuffs do they identify themselves as "officers." Only after the shooting stops is evidence of illegal activity searched for, and only AFTER they trash your house do they call in the drug dogs. Because only the public gives a damn about drugs; the police care only about doing violence. Violence is what they DO.

This article describes the video as "shocking" -- yeah, it's shocking, alright -- if you've been living under a rock for the past, oh, 40 years. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy, but I honestly don't see how anyone with even a shred of sanity can pretend there's anything okay about any of this.

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A 26 year old former Marine, Jose Guerena, was slaughtered in front of his spouse and kid by SWAT officers, who later found absolutely nothing illegal in his home. It has been determined that Guerena, an Iraq war veteran that went on 2 tours, didn't shoot at police officers who went into his home with a search warrant. Many people are up in arms over the event. The validity of the search and the shooting are being questioned. I read this here: Jose Guerena did not shoot at SWAT team that killed him, newstype.com