True Religious Freedom Means Freedom For All


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    "...It would seem both alternatives are unfair, from a standpoint of religious freedom—either the state is violating the religious liberty of certain groups that wish to partake in certain activities (or refrain from certain activities) as a matter of conscience, or it is carving loopholes for such groups while denying the rights of others to engage in the same conduct. To take another example, if a conscientious objector is free not to be forced to serve in war on religious grounds—which he should be—why cannot a conscientious objector have secular or other ideological reasons for not going to war?..." (emphasis mine -- sam)

Much as I enjoy Gregory's insight and style in general, I believe he and many (if not most) "libertarian" writers tend to commit one mortal error: they subconsciously absolve the perpetrators of crimes and the obstacles to freedom that those same libertarian writers outline in their otherwise excellent essays. At the same time they reinforce legitimacy of "the state" -- so necessary for those sociopaths bent upon expanding government power and controlling individual freedom.

The "state" is not violating religious liberty. The State is the violation of religious liberty. Agents of the state are violating religious and a whole host of other liberties.

You might think this trivial, but I'm convinced it is at the heart and core of why the hundreds of Anthony Gregory's of libertarianism cannot finally and totally divorce themselves from governmentalist ideology. "John Smith, US Congressman, and his colleagues who voted "aye" in support of this religious exemption have personally created this unfairness..." Name individual trigger people -- don't let them hide under the mantle of the abstract "state" to continue their aggressions.


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Yes, the state =s zero liberty while the lowly individual without the state is liberty.

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Of course this fails to address why there are "Obama's" at all. Or "Obamacare" or "Republicare". Liberty will eliminate such atrocities.

I don't mean the individual -- who knows, Barack may have some redeeming value as a husband and a parent and a human being at some location in some niche of the marketplace if a Power greater than he would quell Obama the man's gigantic vanity, ego and pride.

Liberty will eliminate worship of the potus and all it's lackeys and sociopathic goons. My President, for example, is the Commander-in-chief of, among other things, the rotation of the earth on its axis. I support the Incumbent.

That's a lot of liberty for this old skudder. Sam