The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money


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The idea of a guaranteed income is seductive, and it's not necessarily a bad idea.  The problem is implementing it via coercive government; implementing it without violating the non-aggression principle. Government is force, and so attracts and is ultimately run by people who like the idea of using force against others, which is why EVERY wonderful and warm/fuzzy idea government carries out turns to corruption and violence. Like all of those ideas (today's welfare, the War on Drugs, our World-Cop Foreign Policy, the FDA, and everything else), a guaranteed income WILL become a vehicle for corruption and control, lining the pockets of the rich (major banks make big bucks "administering" food stamps, or SNAP, for instance), empowering minor sociopaths in bureaucratic mazes, and ultimately keeping the poor in a state of poverty and ever-more under the thumb of the elite, just as today's welfare schemes do.
Do a guranteed income without government -- via a church or some other voluntary group -- and it might work long-term, but even then I doubt it. Might be worth a try, though. But with government running things -- especially with the current American oligarchy / crime syndicate in place -- this will have all the Statist goodness of Obamacare. Government NEVER does things the way YOU think they will or should be done.