Thailand: Coup Ousts US-Backed Dictator


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Thaksin "is unelected and therefore a dictator"? Say what?
"The coup has so far been peaceful and well-organized."
Peaceful coup--now there is a new oxymoron for the collection. Apparently the king has blessed it, so that makes it even more legitimate. 
I never thought to see an article at STR, even an external one, celebrating a military coup.
Yeah, Thailand is a mess. Neither the red nor the yellows have the moral high ground.

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Steve: Yes, in a case like this, it seems to me the best anarchist opinion is neutrality. The Thai people have gone from the frying pan into the fire, and so it will endlessly continue until they realize they need neither a democratically elected government, nor a military dictatorship.

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Opening paragraph:

    "May 23, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - Life goes on as normal in Thailand's capital of Bangkok the day after the Royal Thai Army declared it was taking power from the diminished, ineffectual "caretaker government" Thursday. Businesses and offices were open as usual on Friday with no discernible difference for Thais. TV programming is expected to be returned to normal today as well."

Think about this: let's say the same "royal army" (or its equivalent) thoroughly defeated and "took over" the District of Collectivism and its "Pentagon" and all it's gargantuan appurtenances (probably no such luck, but let's play house anyhow). Would " go on as normal.."???

Yes, it would. Citizenship is a directed mirage. There is no jurisdiction except at the muzzle of a firearm.