SWAT Raids Gone Wrong -- Paramilitary Policing Is Out of Control


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The police have taken up arms against the American people. And don't blame the "drug war." The so-called "war on drugs" was just a political metaphor until the police, themselves, made it a reality. And the police have the power to end it; right now. Notice I didn't say "end prohibition." I said "end the war." Politicians make the laws, but police wage the war; in doing so they violate more laws than most of us do in lifetime. And unlike our crimes, ALL of theirs have victims. And the victims are us. Not drugs. Us. All of us.

People say that cops can't "pick and choose" what laws to enforce; that they're just "doing their jobs." Obviously the law ALLOWS them to invade our homes in the middle of the night, beat up our grandmas and shoot our children, no law requires them to do so. And no one will ever convince me that cops are stupid enough to believe they're protecting the public by attacking us while we sleep. No, they do it for one reason, and one reason only: They do it because they can.