Student's Amazing Essay Gets Him Into Stanford


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That takes some of the shine off of Stanford's brand if that's all it takes to get in.

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The article also mentions his "stellar resume'", so it may be that this "essay" was not the only reason Stanford offered him a place. Unfortunately it gives few details of that resume' beyond the news that "Ahmed is pictured above with Hillary Clinton, who he helped campaign for." The Daily Mail thus ended a sentence with a preposition and used "who" instead of "whom", so author Ashley Collman would not, I hope, have qualified for Stanford. ("He is pictured with Hillary Clinton, [for] whom he helped campaign.")
He's also reported as having attended a NJ school costing an arm and leg. Possibly his parents are wealthy. Possibly they contributed to Stanford's endowment. So again, maybe he was admitted for reasons other than his monotonous essay.
My own on that subject is at Why BLM Matters, and takes a different view. Perhaps fortunately, I already have a good degree so am not applying to Stanford.

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I liked your article. BLM is nonsense. I'm not a big fan of the "All Lives Matter" retort (but mainly for a nitpick of a gripe). I would say, "All Life Matters". The singular life, that of the individual, mattering before some silly collectivist categorization appeals to me.