Statist or Anarchist?


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Anarchist means [one] without rulers, but it does not mean with rules, thus anarchists do not necessarily adhere to the non-aggression principle (N.A.P.).

"The word [anarchist] got a boost into modernity from the French Revolution[1]", which included Maximilien Robespierre's and the Jacobins' "reign of terror', 'during which between 16,000 and 40,000 people were killed[2]". This is what tens, or hundreds, of millions of people visualize when the word "anarchy" or "anarchist" is used.

As a result, this is the image most people picture in their minds when they hear/read the word anarchy. But we've had this discussion before, here at STR, and you, who call yourselves "anarchists", believe that you are going to change everyone's mental image of that word to a positive one. Good luck!

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