The Statist of the Union


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Pot, kettle, black. Mr. Gregory is a consummate Statist himself, vigorously defending city-Statism (civilization) in previous articles. Thus, he holds a contradiction; I recommend he check his premises.

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I am surprised to even see this on STR. These SOTU propaganda spectacles can't be of that much interest to anti-state types like gather here. Nice to hear from Anthony though.

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I'm a believer that in each of us is a smidgen of hope. Anthony is young yet -- he may yet see the light and change his writing style to reflect the illegitimate nature of "the government". "The government" is a fictitious entity when you think about it -- only individuals ACTING in the NAME of supposed "government" exist.

But as I typed a few minutes ago on another thread, many of them are dangerously armed in addition to being sociopathic.

I always believe a sociopath with a gun.


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Neoteny. You don't show much. (That's a compliment, Sam.) Now look around you.

If you aren't familiar with the word, it's defined and analyzed well in the following article:

"...Humans from domesticated cultures also show the same neotenous behaviors so often found in other domesticated animals..."

Re-Wilding Humans
by Jason Godesky | July 30, 2007