Speaking of News..Somthing That's Not Being Reported At All


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Gee, I don't think this is an accurate narrative, according to the rules of statist international law or treaty.

I mean, I'm not endorsing Russian statism, or any other form, as all heads of State are thugs in a monopoly extortion scheme.

But, I believe that the supposedly Autonomous Crimean Republic parliament did invite the Russia State to shore up security there, which it did without any bloodshed, before pulling out.

Interestingly too, Vladimir Putin sent in Russian troops that wore no military insignias and no national flags on any of their vehicles, which made their presence immune from the Geneva Conventions and other international treaties.

So, compared to the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas, Putin is a clever and lawful statist thug.

Take a look at the photos of the Russian forces that were temporarily posted around a few Crimean cities: no insignias, no flags.


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Yes, I agree. This post was really very disappointing. It could have been posted by a neocon. Whenever I read something by someone who seems worried about military cuts, eyes glaze over

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I believe you've misinterpreted the posting. The majority of it is simply recent history which few seem to know about but certainly is important I trying to understand the situation.
My observation at the end was intended to point out  that they gave up almost all options for self defense in return for promises from the US and Russia to respect their borders.
They have now become a pawn with limited options for any hope of self determination.
Sorry I was not clearer.

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Hello, Bradley. Thank you for explaining. Yes, I can now see that I misinterpreted you. I apologize. I think that's my problem is that whenever I turn on the radio to get a weather report, I hear all of this talk about the poor underpaid heroes military, and whenever I see that word I immediately fill in the blanks If there is any other word located next to it that seems to indicate that train of thought. Again, my apologies.

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Yeah, I just posted an article to my FB page from news.antiwar.com, that seems to make it clear now, that the Ukraine developments are apparently a page taken from Obama's attempted regime change in Syria not long ago, which Putin thwarted:

Ukraine Protest Leaders Hired Kiev Snipers
Snipers Fired on Both Police and Other Protesters

"Western officials repeatedly condemned the ousted Yanukovych government for snipers who fired on protesters in Kiev, but it turns out those snipers were actually hired by the protest leaders themselves and told to kill people on both sides to drum up more unrest.

"That was revealed by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet in a leaked conversation with European Union foreign policy head Catherine Ashton. Estonia confirmed the authenticity of the leaked conversation.

"Paet was recently in Kiev, and was shown strong evidence to that effect by the main doctor at the protesters’ mobile camp. Dr. Olga Bogomolets reportedly turned down an offer to be Vice Premier of the new regime.

"Ashton expressed considerable surprise at the revelation, saying that she hadn’t heard that before. It is unclear from Paet’s investigation who among the protest leaders may have hired the snipers, but the safe bet is probably the neo-Nazi-styled Right Sector, which has since been courting terrorist leaders for attacks on Russia."


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Here's another development, as the West seems to approve of the Neo-Nazi regime that violently overthrew the elected Ukrainian president, the Autonomous Crimean Republic legislators seems to want no part of that, especially the Russian Jewish sector there. Ha, ha, ha, Putin wins again!

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine (AP) - "Lawmakers in Crimea declared their intention Thursday to split from Ukraine and join Russia instead, and scheduled a referendum in 10 days for voters to decide the fate of the disputed peninsula. Russia's parliament, clearly savoring the action, introduced a bill intended to make this happen.

"The Obama administration slapped new visa restrictions against pro-Russian opponents to the new Ukraine government in Kiev, and cleared the way for upcoming financial sanctions, as the West began punishing Moscow for refusing to withdraw its troops from the strategic region that also houses Russia's Black Sea fleet..."


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And this one too.

I was wondering how long it would take, especially with Washington DC threatening Russia with economic sanctions.

So, it didn't take long at all.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Russian Natural Gas prices get bumped up for the EU countries too, as China will undoubtedly take any Russian energy export surplus:

Russia cancels Ukraine's gas discount and demands $1.5bn

"Russian energy giant Gazprom has increased the price of gas supplies to Ukraine, sending a chilling reminder of the power Russia holds over European energy markets.

"The price rise comes as escalating unrest in Ukraine threatens to boil over into war – a situation that has already stoked fears of disruption to energy supplies from Russia to other parts of the world.

"Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller said his company would raise prices next month because Ukraine was not able to pay its debts in full, and would owe the company around $2bn if it did not meet its bill for February.

"In the past, Russian president Vladimir Putin has granted Ukraine a discount on its gas supplies. However, the deal, which has to be renegotiated every three months, has not been renewed and has handed Russia a mechanism with which to ratchet up pressure on Kiev.

"Mr Putin insisted that Gazprom’s decision was unrelated to political tensions. “This makes perfect commercial sense. This has nothing to do with situation in Ukraine. We gave them money, they failed to deliver," he said in a televised conference.

“They failed to pay off the debt, I think it’s $1.5bn as of today, and if they don’t pay for February it’s going to be $2bn. So if you don’t pay, then let’s go back to regular prices.”


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Yes, of course Crimean Jews don't want to be ruled over by a Ukrainian Neo Nazi regime. And if Crimea does rejoin Russia, the Crimean Peninsula and it's people will undoubtedly fare better with the Russian form of statism than the bankrupt and energy-poor regime of the new Ukrainian form of statism.

Some Crimea Jews Express Support For Russian Military Incursion in Crimea
10,000 Jews Live Among Ethnic Russians in Enclave

"Many Ukrainian Jews took part in the opposition movement centered in Kiev’s Maidan, or Independence Square. Jews participated despite the fact that the protests included far-right activists and some political figures who have been known to espouse anti-Semitic views. But support for the revolution is hardly unanimous among the country’s Jews.

"Rabbi Misha Kapustin, whose Reform synagogue in the Crimean capital of Simferopol was recently vandalized with swastikas, acknowledged that some Jews support Russian involvement in the crisis.

“In this area there is considerable support for the Russian invasion, and the local [Crimean Jewish] community is very assimilated here,” Kapustin told JTA. “You should take into account the effect of Russian propaganda: the television they watch, what papers they read.”


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Sorry but I believe this is all a conspiracy whose effect will collapse the U.S. thrusting this Nation into a broken down 3rd world country and Russia will dominate the world as the U.S. once did. The crux is "Why should any one nation rule over the rest of the world?"