Somalia: 20 Years of Prosperous Anarchy


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I dislike the way this article equates lack of an effective central government with lack of government -- Somalia has been overflowing with competing governments, from the warlords that divided the country into a patchwork of fiefdoms, to the Islamic Courts Union that provided a loose federation of regional authorities, to the US/UN/AU-backed Transitional National Government, to the Ethiopian military that invaded and occupied the country, to al-Shabaab, the extreme Islamist wing of the ICU that has seized power in most of the country now, as interventions from outside resulted in the opposite of their intended result.

Anyway, I've followed the story closely enough over the years to know that warlords in particular favored the growth of the telecommunications industry, because that meant more remittances from expatriots, and hence more money for them to leech from their subjects.