Shedding Ignorance


Column by Scott Thomas Outlar.

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Good and Evil, just as it has always been, are involved in a spiritual war that will ultimately determine the very fate of Earth and our species. Make no mistake, this is not a prophecy of an Apocalyptic Armageddon, Revelation, or End Times scenario. For if such a sordid state of affairs is allowed to arise, surely it signifies that our Evil Enemy has achieved its wicked victory. Those who work inequity throughout this world seek to undermine and devastate forevermore all that is blessed, beautiful, powerful and dynamic about life. It is our sacred obligation and responsibility, as creative beings with freewill, not to let the situation reach such a point. We must be wise to the ways of this world, understand the plans of our enemy, and head off at the pass those who would set us up for a fall. We must expose their lies, deceptions, manipulations and agendas for the life-hating, humanity-loathing, ideological madness that they represent.

If a widespread, violent confrontation is allowed to erupt, we have failed. Our path must always come through the expansion of higher consciousness so that the lowly vibrations of Evil are negated and rendered ineffectual in the hearts and minds of Man.

Those of us who are awake, aware, alert, vibrant, courageous, filled with the righteous instinct of survival, and clued-in to the tools and methods of manipulation which Evil uses in its covert effort to wipe us off the map must educate and teach our brothers and sisters about the diabolical schemes that have been set into motion by madmen with a nihilistic death fetish. We must pull back the curtain on the puppet masters to reveal the many examples of corruption that they implement, so as to help solidify our case in issuing dire cries of warning concerning Evil’s imminent threat of achieving a tyrannical totalitarian regime over the entire human species which would bring about our complete and total enslavement.

Should Evil succeed in its quest to corrupt our souls, we will be lost to the Holy Spirit Vibration forever. This psychological perspective represents a type of resonance field which equates to the frequency of Heaven experienced here on Earth. The Holy Sprit Vibration can be tapped into so as to connect with the source energy of creation when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced in harmonic accord, the endocrine system is purified and cleansed, and the pineal gland is fully activated and awakened. The body is a temple, the heart is an altar, and the mind is an antenna which receives and transmits the electromagnetic signal. This heightened state of being is analogous to what many mystic warriors have alluded to throughout the ages, including the Buddha Nature, the Christ Consciousness, and the Tao Perspective.

Such a circumstance where Evil prevails shall not be reached. We will not allow it. Resistance is victory. The persistent, unrelenting spread of truth will result in an exponential mass Awakening.

We must warn those who have yet to shed their ignorance about the subtle and intricate tactics which the social engineers are using against us in every facet of society. We must inform them about the synthetic drugs and mercury-filled vaccines that compromise the immune system and wreak havoc on the bodies and minds of those they are pushed on by snake oil salesmen. We must point out the cancer-causing effects of chemicals like sodium fluoride which are laced into the public water supply. We must raise our voices and shout out against the biometric X-ray machines which are used in airports, subways, sports stadiums, malls and, with more and more regularity, on the streets in random illegal checkpoints; such machines fry anyone who goes through them with highly charged, radioactive wavelengths many times more powerful than what the agencies in command originally claimed. We must make changes to the cell towers which cause an electromagnetic swamp to form in the atmosphere, bathing our bodies with a constant dose of frequencies that disrupt our nervous system. We must shut down the fossil fuel and nuclear-based energy systems which pollute the air and oceans with smog and radioactive waste. We must rip away the mask from self-styled philanthropists, and reveal the true face of their intention as being a eugenics-based extermination plan. We must warn the sheep that they are being herded toward a mass culling. We must halt the march of lemmings, lest they fall face first into an eternal abyss. We must ring the bell and sound the alarm against the artificially synthesized dyes, colorants, preservatives, sweeteners, hormones, pesticides and herbicides which are cooked into our foods or sprayed upon them as they grow. We must call out the mad scientists who genetically engineer the DNA code of plants and animals which are then introduced into the food chain to destroy the natural cycle of life. We must cease the cloning and mass slaughter of animals. We must identify the multifaceted rollout of surveillance systems in nearly every aspect of our society that have been set up to monitor the citizens of this country while breaking our constitutional right to privacy, and are designed to incrementally destroy our spirit of freewill so that we are unable to resist the militarizing of the police force and unveiling of FEMA concentration camps around the country as the New World Order rolls out the tyrannical government they’ve been planning, cryptically announcing, and openly writing about for decades.

Let it be known and well understood that the same fascist interests that funded, supported, armed, and bankrolled men such as Stalin, Mao and Hitler are still funneling dirty money in this very day to dictators around the world through Israel, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, London, Switzerland and Washington D.C. The same nihilistic, anti-life philosophy, and crazed, psychotic, social Darwinist ideology of madmen that led to hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th Century still runs rampant through the corridors of power today, setting itself up at the highest levels of Corporate Crony Government, just as it has done since the private Federal Reserve manipulated its way into control over the printing press of America’s money supply, bankrupted the country, and then began using its military as a force for Evil in wars around the world.

America has been infected with a deadly virus for over 100 years--time enough for the cancer to have spread throughout the entire body politic and culture of this nation. The diagnosis is potentially fatal. But not yet terminal!

We must summon our will to fight off the disease and heal our collective consciousness from the poisonous symptoms and side effects which have ravaged and nearly destroyed us.

We must reveal the two-sided face of deception which Satan sports. We must rip out the forked tongue used by the betrayer through which it speaks naught but vile lies. Working wickedly through corrupted banking institutions, Evil has covertly and insidiously infiltrated into our midst, assaulting the American people and the Democratic Republic by overthrowing Constitutional Law and implementing the same type of dictatorial, elitist system that our country was created to break away from.

The same models of technology, propaganda, and psychological programming techniques that the Fascists in Germany and Communists in Russia developed have been amped up to even higher degrees of insanity and diabolically brought into our own home to be used against us. It was once stated by Nietzsche that when fighting against monsters, one should be careful not to become a monster oneself. Woe be unto those who have not heeded such sage advice.

We see what these despots are doing. We have their blueprints. We have read their white papers. We know their modus operandi. They have risen to the top, not through Godliness, honor, humility and decency, but because they are the scum of the Earth, and that is how Nature clearly identifies and points them out so they can be dealt with appropriately. The time has now come to skim the scammers away.

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