Seeds of Suicide and Slavery Versus Seeds of Life and Freedom


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First. Do you trust Al Jazzera? And second does not Montsanto have the free right to explore and experiment with seeds? Under a free society I would believe this to be a yes proposition, or do they have to contract with someone to make this happen. Does a free society have any form of controls over what is happening on a daily basis. In a free society Montsanto would be rid of all government regulation making them open to pollute rivers and water ways, create any damned thing they want and sell what they want who' s to stop them in a free society. Am I missing something here?

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    "... Am I missing something here?..."

I can think of only one: in a free society there could be no Montsanto.


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Sorry about that.
when I respond You hang in the air around my head with specific words of which I desperately try to avoid because of your sandpaper return. (we) and others. Ouch! I understand o.k. Ouch! This concept is going to take awhile to sink in. I am sure your first encounters it took awhile for ideas to form. Having taught I had to use a lot of "What iffing" with my students so it happens as a reflex and as a hang over from the Socratic method.

If there can be no Montsanto in a free society then is it not true that there cannot be a Sam?

No you probaby missed nothing because as I read the article those thoughts struck me and fundamentally they really have nothing to do with the thesis of the article. I have a tendency to hne in one one or two aspects presented when they click for me. It had nothing to do with the seeds and ownership just because Montsanto stuffed a gene in them.

(I see the UN's Small arms treaty passed which includes anyone 50 and older cannot own a firearm. This caliber of individual is rather senile in its proper useage. What happens to the 52 year old cop, or the 60 year old Marine?)

I don't know what kind of world we are headed for but it is clearly against human beings free to make their own choices. I have not discovered a way to break those bonds yet.

By the way. If Montsanto does not exist who is it then that is flooding our food supply with the GMO's and other poisons, and what is it that convinces you that in a free society Montsanto or even pedophiles will not exist? IF there is a free society do they not have a right to exist according to the paradigm? This is what I struggle with.

Thanks for your response.