Seattle Cop Caught Threatening to Make up Evidence


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Can this really be?!?! This is just SO hard to believe.

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The cop was only defending himself justifiably. After all, he felt he was in mortal danger from the truth. Too bad that police-concocted lies aren't as handy as throw-down weapons used to "justify" lethal force!

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Rumor has it that there are some who say that "police-concocted lies" ARE as handy as throw-down weapons; according to those 'kind' of people, the rule of thumb is, "If their lips are moving..."

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These men are lucky to be alive.

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When will people say enough?

I will admit, I have not even had a speeding violation etc., in several years. However, I wonder given my views now what would my reaction be if I saw someone being abused by law enforcement?

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"When will people say enough?"

Which "people" might that be, painkilleraz?