Schoolteacher Cheating


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Schools are where kids learn to cheat.

I was astounded when, as a brand new teaching assistant in college, I discovered that some kids in class cheated (probably had a sheltered upbringing). I gave them zeros on their papers, along with a note on top in red: "YOU CHEATED!" Strangely, the kids in question became fans of mine, and straightened themselves out, at least as far as I could tell. Guess I was the first person who told them it was wrong.

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I think I would wager, that from somewhere upon high, the teachers were drawn into this plot, mostly to save their jobs. I taught 32 years in Special Education and never had a cheater; how can you cheat at learning to tie your own shoe? Among other simple tasks. The only intellectual challenge I had was how to generate a curriculum to meet the specific need of the student. Reason being, there are no real Special Education curriculum materials in the market place. I got out because I was not, according to Bush. a highly qualified teacher despite having my Masters in Special Education. Your option was to return to college and take three specific classes deemed critical by legislators or take a test at $200 each. What was that all about? Control. Glad you had a positive experience Paul.