Saudi Religious Police See Red On Valentine’s Day


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As I read in the article about Valentine's Day being a christian holiday based on reverence to a so-called christian saint, I couldn't help but think of Plato and the Noble Lie observed in it's modern form in the Straussians and the various religionist movements that grip people in subjugation, mentally as well as physical and political. To make matters worse are how these religions so clearly and continuously violate real ethics and morals while uttering the noble lie that in all of heaven and earth, they are the sole source for all morality, ethics and worst of all, truth.

On this day of myth and purpose of filthy lucer, I'm hard pressed to think of who is the more unwise, the Saudi's who follow our lead or our own western culture who continue to stick their heads in holes and refuse to stand like the free individuals they should be and were intended to be.

Thanks Robert for posting the article.