The Rise of the Praetorian Class


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George Carlin made excellent points and died an untimely death.

The things I believe need to take place for one to be free of the matrix, however, are two:

1) Recognize that which is seen and that which is not seen. The "real owners" have ALWAYS been "that which is not seen". Not so much back in the days of the monarchy and the king, perhaps, but certainly with the advent of the genius scheme of "democracy", which created the illusion of participatory government so that the concept of "state" could become a tool of unseen but gigantic wealth for the few who understand how to play one factor against another. Thus you have corporatism -- the vying for political connection to declare perpetual war against competition and genuine profits. Understand ALL monopolies are set up BY predators under the guise of "our government". The old "anti trust" scam was just that -- scam. Quit blaming "free markets" when the state is organized to quash such a phenomenon in the bud.

2) Cease playing into the matrix. Don't volunteer for anything having to do with state. Don't "register". Don't vote. Don't voluntarily "file", tax "returns". I've been on the US federal books as an "illegal tax protestor" for 34 years, since 1978. Go ahead and take "your" social security and/or government and/or veterans' pensions. If you can't steal from thieves, whom the hell can you steal from, I say. I'm not taking "your" tax money -- it was stolen from you and gone from your hands long before I ever laid my greedy eyes on "it". But I never sign "petitions" or contact parasites of "congress" for additional "benefits". And, since I'm an "illegal" (tax protester, that is -- although I've never "protested" any taxes that I know of) I don't get "stimulus checks" when they bribe the sheep with resources originally stolen from them.

In fact, I recommend you practice recognizing the language of statism and slavery and start utilizing the vernacular of freedom: America does not incarcerate more citizens per 100M than any other "nation" on earth -- America is the threat against the freedom of all natural persons. Gangsters (agents) OF America lock natural persons away for victimless "crimes".

If you're going to be sovereign and free you've gotta act free. Sam