Reply to Block on Libertarianism is Unique


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To repeat previous comments, I see this as a non-debate debate. Arguments over this, that or some other type of "libertarianism" are senseless at best, detrimental to those of us wishing to be free on down the scale. They smack of an indwelling and perhaps highly intellectual compulsion to direct and control my liberty, as well as the liberties of everyone else (in the "free society" that they'd like to be the ones to bring about).

And to that extent I'll agree with White Indian. My agreement is conditioned by the mutual understanding (I think) that there is no problem with individual liberty or bein' free. That is a good thing. That's the goal of all of us here. The problem is with the "ism" and the "ian" of libertarianism.

Be free.


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Amen to that Sam. TL:dr.

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A comment and sentiment I can get behind no matter who says it.

Well said Sam.

isms and ians are the true enemy.

Forming and controlling the debate on freedom without the consent of those attempting to be free is in itself a form of aggression.