Repeat After Me, Kids: Pharmaceuticals Good, Vitamins Bad!


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Another worthwhile, more extensive article disseminating the vitamin bashers' various misleading maneuvers to plant in the public's mind that supplements are bad or useless is at . The public needs to understand that politics, unlike sound science, is primarily behind anti-supplement media reports and "studies"...

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There was once a cousin of Freud who used his work as a basis of developing a propaganda system. I believe his intent was suppose to be for the good but when evil men are around and can steal a proper idea and convert it to their illicit purposes they do. Common sense seems to dictate that a synthetic anything is not healthful. I use supplements and I hope I have found a reputable manufacture. I must confess, for as long as I have been taking them I really don't notice any particular change. This article seems to demonstrate that Uncle is doing his very best to debilitate and kill Americans
How is it even remotely possible for Libertarians or Anarchists, or whoever, remain optimistic about the future when so many people are against you. Is there victory anywhere in this mess?