The Real Reason They Want Red Flag Laws


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The reason is most likely a biblical one. for Revelations 17 states they will agree and give their power unto the beast. That's the easy answer as far I am concerned. Their answer would be, to make sure those with mental illness don't get a hold of these guns and shoot people. The real reason is control over people and another nail in the coffin, of the Govt not knowing about what all the people do here in America on a day by day basis. One, you can't rule and control all people without first being able to gain knowledge of what all people do each day. You can do it all at once, but you may get 200 million people rebelling against your authority and lose your control over them. So they need a what, how, and why to go about making sure that as govt, they get and maintain that control. I can't go into all that now, for it would take a book to do so, lets just suffice a long time ago, even the framers of the constitution knew that over time people would want a new govt that would hopefully protect their rights where they failed. They even wrote into it, ways, or why's, and when do to so, and called it the declaration of Independence.
Where it is stated "That over a long train of abuses and usurpations that have left off to absolute laws. Not word for word but still that's the gist. But they knew then they wanted a way to get and protect and keep Govt, they would eventually need a way to only allow us certain freedoms and liberties while working in the shadows on ways to keep their power and to never be overthrown.
None of them truly wanted us to over throw their govt for if they did they would have never done the things and steps they did. The sedition act. for one which is the first violation of the second amendment, even though it was written in such a way to not be recognizable to most, it does just that and violate what the second amendment was written for, and that is to protect our liberties.
I don't think George Washington was truly against a two party system, even though he said it, for if so he may have regulated in rules that allowed for more than just two main parties.
But again back to my statement. Over time, people grew into more dependent on govt and they knew this, and over a long period of time have written in laws that allowed them to gain more power and control over us. IE Prohibition. while for the most part I think it was puritan women who hated drink, that carried the way to alcohol being banned, but within their ranks were those who knew it would give the Govt more power and that people would rebel against said laws and therefore begin a circle effect. Make more laws which make more rebellion which make more laws to contain the rebellion etc.... Hence the 1934 NFA act. Which comes just after prohibition was repealed and no longer needed, for the ST Valentines massacre happened because of prohibition to begin with, not because Govt didn't control tommy guns IE machine guns. Once repealed gun control was no longer necessary because crime rates were already declining. Next followed the 1938 gun control act which made it illegal for felons to own a gun. Why was this necessary to begin with when we were still in the early 1900's and not truly a lot of crime to begin with? and again Prohibition was repealed so mafia even though not gone lost most of it's prestige and power to begin with but because Utopia and Socialism was already in place and they needed another demon to take the place of Alcohol. Too they needed another way to gain slow control over people by what they already knew would be rebellion, and them make or manipulate people into thinking they needed more laws etc... Then came the gun control act of 1968, The crime bill and temporary ban on assault weapons under Clinton then Back ground checks and more background check and now these red flag laws etc... they know most people are sheep so when one gets gunned down their next step already planed long in advance will call upon them to protect them. More Real ID's which allow the beast to help track us etc. them more and more and more later on. As long as most people are sheep even if at some time they lose some area of control due to a partially awake populace the still keep their overall control over us. IE Seat belt laws mandatory ins laws all these make people rebel and hence make more laws etc. Plus to be able to stop people from just ignore all these laws they need more technology to make sure LEO is able to catch people breaking them. Again just another nail in them not being able to know pretty much all of what we do each day.