A Rationalist's Call to Action: Commence Breeding

Column by Vahram G. Diehl.

Exclusive to STR

Crisis! The planet is in a state of dreary imbalance! Tasks that should take three steps take three hundred! Human affairs everywhere are initiated with unnecessary hardship and carried through with extensive roundabout hoop-jumping and mountains of parlor-trick paperwork! Entire populaces can scantily differentiate their defecatory orifices from gopher holes! Restrictions on innovation and commerce have increasingly necessitated the further banning of basic human behavior and expression under the mass cultural delusions of “overpopulation” and “recession”! 
As the powers that be struggle to keep the irrationalist hordes from breaking equilibrium and tearing the fabric of society apart its seams with bloodied teeth and fingernails in their fundamental ignorance of human nature and marketplace mechanics, our finest hour arises. This is the moment we have been waiting for, my rational brethren, all our training and preparation has brought us to this juncture in history. As the irrationalists have grown weaker every day, we have waited in the shadows for our time to rise to hegemony. Now, while the old systems wither on their weakened legs, is when we plant the seeds that will sprout to fill the void left in their self-destructive crusade against reason and proliferation. Now is when we take our rightful dominance in the world as the evolutionary adept gene mules destined to expand outward toward the stars.
It has seemed unfortunate that in general the smarter and more productive individuals of the world have procreated in smaller numbers than the careless and carefree social leeches and recipients of stolen goods. There has not been room on the playing field for us to emerge in rapid abundance, they'd have seen us rising and burned as at the stake in their unconscious daze of cancerous growth and crucifixion of perceived threats to outdated ideologies. History has coalesced its various independent chains of development into this present moment, and we can lie in wait no longer. While accepted social custom still instills them with the power and willingness to unleash violence upon us in their cannibalistic fervor, the very system they have designed now dictates that there are stalls they must work around in their bloodthirsty advances upon us. In this time of waiting, we can fortify our numbers and positions. 
Now is our time to create a new kind of army, the army of the evolutionary advantaged and morally matured. We have all done what we can to enter the fray and save those who have been willing, but it has not been enough. Attempting to undo and shield against the damage of our attackers allows for only slow progress. Now that there are enough of us, we ought to concentrate our efforts on building from the ground up. We have neglected our greatest inborn capacity to create champions from nothingness through the acts of breeding and parenting. We have in our bodies a boldly blank canvas upon which to paint the makings of valiant warriors for peace and social evolution, and we have squandered this majestic ability! Squander no more, my tribe, go forth and plant your seed unto the playing field. 
The call of duty begins with finding a rational comrade in arms with which to undertake this mission. This first step is by all measures the most difficult in the process, for we are like dim little fireflies floating solitary in the colossal darkness of night, frantically seeking out the briefly visible flickering of others. When we find a rational partner, we can secure a nest and productive endeavors to sustain our well-being. Then, our magnificent artistry commences with the creation of new life, life that will help tip the scales on favor of peace and reason on planet Earth.
Starting the process of maturing into reason and liberation with fresh newborns is in many regards easier, more efficient, and more rewarding than attempting to change the intellectual flow of individuals who have already matured in the irrational, enslaved mindset of the masses of the world. The primary reason for our slow progress has been that most people have viewed the problem as one of literally shifting the paradigms of every living person, which is an incomprehensibly difficult task for any individual target who has passed the peak of intellectual growth and started the downhill decline sometime shortly after the first quarter of life into the irrationalist doctrine. Paradigm shifts will always play an active role in our campaign, but will only be effective on those already teetering close to the edge of reason. Most developed prospects will be lost causes that seek only to lash out in religious defense of their cultural egos past a certain age.
So I call now upon the warriors in the field. Those who are able enough with physical, intellectual, and emotional means in abundance, I ask you to consider a change in the focus of your influence. Cease sacrificing your efforts on deaf ears and blind eyes, refrain from defending yourself against the insane and inane. Harness what limited time and productive energies you have toward the creation of new life, and dedicate your life to ensuring it reaches the age of accountability and reason still being able to think for itself and holding simultaneously rational and moral views. Forget everything the phony world has told you about normal concepts of procreation and child-rearing. You are born to be parents, just stop the mental chatter long enough to recall that intrinsic connection you have to the life you create and your immutable drive to help it succeed at all costs. Create as much new life as you can rationally manage, and find the joy that lies in fulfilling your biological destiny as a bountiful propagator of genes and memes. 
The seeds we sow now will be the fruits that inherit the Earth after the collapse of illusion. The extinctionists will have their way soon enough, let them go extinct. Our destiny is to live and grow, be fruitful and multiply against all odds and tyranny. Far too many of Earth's greatest men have spent their lives too busy in attempting mass paradigm shifts in the already matured, with little success. How much more progress might they have made by instead having been content to successfully raise even just a few healthy offspring who grew off their successes and amplified their own strength with each new generation? If you are a person of character and intellect, I beseech you, mate 5, 10, or 20 times and get your seed and parental influence out into the world. We will need the numbers on our side in a generation's time. If you can raise them to be ample producers like yourself, you are helping solve the socialist-induced “overpopulation/artificial scarcity” problem.   
We will by default take on adopted parental roles of the intellectually orphaned young of those improper parents around us. There is still hope in the young, be they of our own origin or of another. Parent to the world that will allow you! Make a difference and be a part of the coming evolutionary revolution. Join me in this three-pronged skirmish of ideologies: the enhancement of the self, the enlightening of others, and the creation of new life. 


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Evan's picture

Well, when you put it that way... okay.

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Say, isn't that precisely what those behind the Roman Catholicism conspiracy promoted? Hm-m-m-m, and, with 1.1 billion adherents, currently, it seems to have worked. Imagine what could be accomplished if one had a rational foundation, such as the Law of Nature.

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I have an IQ over 130 and a good constitution and I am also a huge fan of liberty and anarchism.
I kind of see it as my duty to help fill the ranks.
I have 4 children, 2 girls, 2 boys.

Watch Idiocracy, contrast and compare with society as a whole, be horrified, have smart children.

livefreeretiree's picture

Good on you, but why stop at just four? Let's take over the world.

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Well, Vahram. I had seven children, just had my twenty-fourth (24th!!!) grandchild, and am working on my 6th great grandchild -- all in homeschool programs (not the 7 of mine -- 4 of them are over 50).

Does that count???

Damn, it's so hard to be humble.