Race Hucksters Bore Me

Column by Paul Bonneau.

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It’s a wonder how worked up people can get themselves over a little melanin in skin. Most often it is just a joke, but it can become tedious at times.

Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not the only race hucksters, although they come immediately to mind when you hear the term. There are armies of race hucksters in government, the folks who have taken on themselves the task of making sure people treat each other “fairly,” whatever that means (it usually has to do with things like quotas). I use the term “white man’s burden” to describe this job, since it assumes dark brown people can’t make it without government “help.”

There are also other race hucksters who beat the drum against these government race hucksters. Their latest hobbyhorse has been the Trayvon Martin fiasco, and particularly their warning of race riots in reaction to a Zimmerman acquittal. It’s almost as if they were pining away for the event.

I did some googling around for reports of this violence. Yeah, there was a little here and there, barely above the level of naughty activity that goes on normally in a nation of 300+ million people. There was a lot of breathless posting about kids running down a California freeway, or pushing a fence over. The horror!

I was pretty amused that many of the photos of mobs that I saw had vastly more “white” (i.e. light brown) people than “black” (dark brown) people. Although it was stretching things to call them mobs.

I did see a couple of cop cars with windows busted, and spray painted. Somehow I just couldn’t quite work up a fever of righteous indignation over that!

This latter variety of race huckster may accuse me of being pollyannish about it all. Maybe I am. However, even though I am 63, I still remember some hell-raising I did as a youngster, and I mostly don’t see why this is much different. Also, if there happen to be a higher percentage of dissolute characters among people with dark skin, I’d rather blame government “help” that got them that way, than some inherent tendency. As Harry Browne noted, the dark brown folks were doing just fine before the government decided to shoulder the “white man’s burden” by “helping” them out.

Yes, it’s true that mobs, when they form, do not use the highest reasoning faculties of its members in deciding who to attack. Melanin differences are on about the level these folks operate. But because they do that, must I? All mobs are dangerous no matter how much melanin is in ‘em. Best remove yourself from the vicinity no matter what.

This particular huckster hyperventilates:

The point of this persecution is to make an example of George Zimmerman, and to teach whites, and the “white-enough,” that:

  • They must endure and defer to black criminals as neighbors and trespassers;
  • They must not form neighborhood watches, because they’ll eventually be sued into penury. Let criminals of color take and do whatever they want;
  • Don’t carry a legal firearm, because we’ll treat you like a criminal anyway;
  • Be the frightened prisoner of your vehicle and home. Don’t act like a free man, and follow suspicious characters who may be endangering your family and neighbors, because that is now a crime;
  • Don’t call the police to report suspicious behavior, or even to report crimes you see being committed by those groups who commit most crimes;
  • If you are violently attacked by a black, do not defend yourself, because if you do you may spend the rest of your life in prison, which would amount to a death sentence.
  • Just pray that your attacker only maims and/or rapes, but doesn’t kill you.

Yeah, maybe that is the whole point of this exercise. But, we do have a choice here, whether to pay attention to it, or ignore it. We can go ahead and make neighborhood watches anyway. We can carry a gun anyway. We can defend ourselves anyway. Why respond with anything but scorn to the wishes of the “white man’s burden” race hucksters?

Of course it’s madness to call cops for any reason.

There may be a war some day in this country; in fact, I am betting on it. I seriously doubt it will be over the paranoid fantasies of the race hucksters, though (although racial events may well be going on in the sidelines). It will more likely be a ruined economy, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, that gets the battles going. In the meantime, I will refrain from shooting the first dark brown kid I see walking down the street, thank you.

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