Queen of IRS Tax Fraud


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    "...'She knew what she was doing was wrong. She reveled in the fact that it was wrong,'

    ~U.S. District Judge James. S. Moody Jr. said..."

I'll submit that neither she nor the predator who has obviously gnawed his way into the position being entitled "US Judge" know what she did wrong. There were two things, and two things only she did "wrong":

    1) boast;

    2) be on facebook.


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You have visible expenses and no corresponding visible income->more sooner than later you will receive a letter from the local tax office with some
polite questions.
No need for braging on facebook.
Living in your big house with your big Audi parked in Front of it while nobody knows where the money came from and the state leaves you alone ?
America, you got it better !

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I'm not convinced the narcs and snitches have it a lot better in Europe than they do in the USSA.

"Income" tax is in place for snitchery.