Prove That You’re NOT Racist, Citizen!


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Talk is cheap. As far as I'm concerned, the only non-racists are those with interracial marriages. ;-)

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Yes, actions speak louder than words.
This brings to mind the-man-with-the-plan, a man of many words. He loves to talk about vague and abstract concepts; and he likes to label and categorize people. It’s easier for him to say what he is than to actually show what he does.

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"Political Correctness" is the game of the year. One sees it virtually everywhere nowadays.

Even here on a "libertarian" forum it can crop its ugly head. On another thread there's the idea bandied about that one must "admit" s/he is this, that or the other in order to "belong". Ostensibly, one cannot (or should not be "allowed to") "belong" otherwise. It's my way or the high-way.

It occurs to me that nobody -- nobody -- has a corner on the "liberty" market. The most liberty-minded are likely the least intellectual of the bunch, who've never written an essay or a book or a piece outlining what "liberty" is or a plan showing how to achieve it. I won't "sign-the-pledge" for NAP. But I won't aggress upon you -- trust me.

As you imply -- don't tell me, show me.

As to the "race" phenomenon, it seems folks are all pretty much racially integrated, whether they admit it or not. In many parts of the world, those who dabble with licensing when they wish to marry must often show some sort of proof they're not siblings or cousins or relatives in some other way. In the white man's "legal" system, it's even "illegal" for first cousins, for instance, to marry and produce children. Not that I'm recommending that. Incest apparently can produce weird genetic afflictions. Sam

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Exactly. Show me, don’t just tell me.
I suppose we’ve gotta use words when we talk to each other … but I don’t spend too much time wondering if I AM (“x”), especially if “x” seems somewhat vague, abstract and subjective.