The Problem of Occupational Boards Dominated by Market Participants


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Of course this is written by a teacher/practitioner of "the-law", so you couldn't expect logic to come of it. What he's whining about and lamenting over is nothing more than regulatory capture -- the bedrock of all monopoly state from the beginning of time.

But the funny thing (funny? pathetic is more like it) is the fact that all these writers of articles appear to whine and cry as if this were an abnormality, a malfunction that, if corrected soon (perhaps at "our" next election), can "...Make-America-Strong-Again..."

Sorry. But the only solution that I can see is to abstain from beans. Sam

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Guilds and professional associations serve a purpose. The critical issue though is withholding state power from them so that they keep to that purpose, and not get involved in rent-sinking, establishing monopolies, and shutting out new entrants into markets. Comes down to state power. Without it these organizations are denied the temptations to get into that stuff.

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I personally steer clear of guilds and professional associations, but that does not mean they do not or can never "...serve a purpose..." However, the nature of organizations of psychopaths hiding under the abstraction called "government" is to infiltrate and co-opt virtually every free and voluntary activity. On that one can depend.

First order of business is often to beseech agents of government to oversee the licensing of members. Licensing -- all licensing -- is restraint of trade -- shutting out new entrants into markets. There are cases where guilds and/or associations merely ask marketers to meet certain standards in order to carry their label. Good Housekeeping seal of approval could be an example, as can kosher labeling agencies. But even then, if those heading associations seek state aid in the form of trademarking or patenting, they embroil themselves in the insanity of state violence -- a never-ending treadmill.