Powerful Explosions Shake Damascus As Israel Attacks Syria For Second Time In Past Week


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I disagree with the author. If these teachers, as noted, received training regarding an invasion of such by the local Sheriffs dept. then there was absolutely not reason not to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Obviously the training was a flop.

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As I read this article I became interested in the anarchist philosophy and its practicality from a world point-of-view; especially given current events. My pondering this says "can a free society honestly exist under these conditions?" My wildest thoughts bring me to the consideration that once all the nations which hate this geographic location or rather its people, would more than likely take advantage of the circumstance and launch multiple, coordinated assaults with the idea of dividing up the territories, not much unlike what occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries on these grounds.

The Indian tribes, which stretched from coast to coast, and for speculative purposes here, were free societies, demonstrates the results of free societies when another nation goes on the hunt for spoils and resources.

Currently I cannot find a way out of the ultimate outcome of the end-game here.

Now for the article, I believe the end-game here is there will be a massive war, or at least it appears to be the direction it is headed.