The Power of the President


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Starting in the 90's with the Clinton presidency such films as Independence Day, The American President, and TV programs like The West Wing, or The Commander in Chief that all purport to show vigorous, dynamic imperial presidents leading America. Coinciding with the ending of a 12 year long presidential drought and a pent up demand for a Democrat in the presidency by the entertainment media big shots. Unlike what the article implies "liberals" [sic] are totally fine with a powerful president provided that he's one of their own. Like was said of the Bourbon monarchy: They learn nothing and forget nothing.

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In the bread and circus seasons like we're currently witnessing I used to ask students, "..I'd like to hear your prediction, when all this falderal of election is over, who do you believe will emerge as the most powerful man or woman in the world. After I've heard your prediction I'll give you mine..."

I heard lots of "Nixon" and "Reagan" and "The Pope" responses. Then I'd tell them mine:

"I will! That's because the world revolves around MY belly-button, NOT YOURS!

"MY world. If I die, nobody has power.

"But what gives me even more power is the knowledge that YOUR world revolves around YOUR belly button, whether you admit it or not. Therefore, even when I think you might be wrong I need to respect your ideas and your opinions -- they're yours and you come by them honestly..."

People who are outside our relatively small minority will never understand this. To them it amounts to a bunch of narcissism. Liberty comes at a price.

Gotta go trucking to the coast.


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Good lord, hope it ain't the east coast. Godspeed.