Pot Legalization No Free Ride to Smoke Up on College Campuses


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Mari-juana free zones. That's like "criminal empowerment zones". Big difference, most people don't get murdered with Mari-juana. It has been a long time coming and it will continue until the U.S. government takes a healthy profit off of it just as they did when some moonshiners went legal.
Is this the end of the illegal stuff? Doubtful. Very doubtful. But I for one am pleased to see the movement making headway. It's a hell of a lot better than what the government is capable of, regarding movement.
I still recognize that organizations like colleges and universities and technical schools should continue to express their right to design certain restrictions. I personally would not want a child of mine attending a school where pot smoking were so liberal. (Kind of a silly thought since most Universities sould be so concerned as they tend to be very radical liberals to begin with). Everyone, individually and even collectively continues to have the right to choose what form of behavior will be acceptable to ourselves individually, our children, our business and etc. I don't see Mari-juana being treated any differently than cigarette smoking and alcohol usage. While some people accept and believe in Natural Laws and Natural Rights, I believe also that there are Natural Ethics involved in each case.
I don't know at what age we reach when we stop whining but there must be. I do not believe one should be sucking on a joint while driving, working around dangerous machinery, carrying a firearm etc. Common sense must be applied. So if you are going to drink-do so at home where you won't be subject to harming anyone same for pot and it goes on and on.
For me I am less concerned about pot smoking as I am about having the right to keep a firearm in my possession at all times at all places. This is a far more serious issue than what's going to happen with pot.
There will be some serious infractions regarding this issue and a bunch of whining as well, so get ready for it.