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It should be noted that ALL drugs, not just marijuana, are now legal in Portugal, which, by the way, has never billed itself as the "Land of the Free."

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Portugal doesn't prosecute for prostitution, either. Their rape and homicide rates are quite low.

Now, if we could just get all the hysterical soccer moms in this country who don't want to see or hear about drugs and prostitutes to shut the f*ck up...

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Several months ago I read an article on this matter and it reported that since Portugal legalized drugs, drug useage in that country has gone down along with a crash in HIV infections from dirty needles. This turns "the Matrix construct" of the anti-drug read anti-liberty state on it's head IMO!

Libertarians, anti-staters and anti-drug war folks should be screaming this from the mountain top yet I've heard very little although in fairness maybe I'm in the wrong mountains too.

Here's a Time magazine article on the matter from over a year ago.