Police Incident Provokes Ire


Paul the cab Driver's picture

So the officer who beat the stuffing out of an unarmed teenager was the recipient of officer of the month? What do you have to do to get officer of the year? Run over a toddler in front of the local WalMart? The people who should be fired for this are the four officers involved in the beating, their immediate supervisor, and the chief of police. In addition, the four cops should face assault charges. I am willing to bet they won't. One city spokes-fool said that "we are going to have to pay for this". No, darling, neither you nor your beloved cops will have to pay a single red cent. Instead the long-suffering tax payers of Pittsburg will have to pay. This is one of the best arguments for the privatization of police forces. No private security firm could ever get away with an incident like this.