Pet Abuse Registry May Also Protect Children


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This article badly needs to be linked with some stats on the growing number of family pets being shot by police in their increasingly violent war against everybody.

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Regarding statistics of life forms being shot by police in their war against everybody:

The TV news frets about al-Qaeda, but rarely exposes the threat of the thin blue line. About as many Americans have been killed by police since 9/11/01 as died on that day. Between 1980 and 2005, police killed 9,500 people in the U.S., approximately one per day and almost three-fourths as many people as have been sentenced and executed in the United States since colonial times. A study in Harris County, Texas, found that between 1999 and mid 2005, officers in the county shot 65 unarmed people, killing 17.

Surely, the people who are killed by the cops had it coming. Well, consider how many are killed when the police presumably do not intend to kill at all and so reach for their taser...

Although there was plenty to object to in colonial law and law in the early republic 1776, police as we now know them didn’t exist back then. (Actually the English Red coats were cops if you think about it)

But don’t police put their lives on the line for us? Only 117 police were killed in the line of duty in 2009, which might seem like a lot, but being a police officer is not even one of the top ten dangerous jobs in America. Policeman is 12th and fireman 13th.

On May 13, 1985, in the twilight of the Cold War, residents of Philadelphia were ruthlessly bombed from the sky...

The perpetrator was not the Soviet Union, or else the attack might have escalated into international conflict. It certainly would have made it into textbook timelines and become part of the nation’s consciousness. No, those responsible for this atrocity were members of the Philadelphia police department. The local cops sought to finish off their political enemies after years of animosity and tension. The proximate legal excuse for bombing their own city? The cops had gotten complaints about noise and the stench of compost.

Twenty-six years have passed since the bombing of the MOVE house and if there was any doubt before, it is now beyond question that the local police have become the occupying troops that Malcolm X described. They are the standing army the Founding Fathers warned against. In the United States, they are the most dangerous gang operating and they do so under the color of law.....

The chaotic violence of the modern police state is ubiquitous. Every day there are 100 SWAT raids in America. Remember in the old days when SWAT raids were reserved for stopping some terrorist intent on destroying half the city? Maybe that was just in the movies. There were 3,000 SWAT raids in 1981, the year the author was born, which was bad enough. There will be 40,000 this year.

Some will object that that author is cherry picking. So let us limit ourselves to just the last couple months to illustrate the depth of the problem

The police tended early on to focus their brutality against the other – immigrants, gangsters, ethnic minorities, transients and the counterculture. Today they still bias their violence against the fringes of society, the young and the powerless, but they are now so vast a presence that no one is safe, no matter how respectable, no matter his demographic.

Abolish the Police
by Anthony Gregory

PS If you distrust socialism, you should distrust law-enforcement socialism as much as anything, for this is the original sin that allows all other state depredations to follow.

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Re: A New York county is launching a registry for animal abusers which could also help to identify potential violence against women and children.

[And] I concur with Rita, the ominous article--Pet Abuse Registry May Also Protect Children--badly needs to be linked with:

Just as we're told that practically any development justifies "expanded vigilance" against terrorism, just about any adolescent problem or behavior can be depicted as an indication that the youngster is "at risk," and thus needs to be confined in a BM facility to get "straightened out" through means that include unambiguous torture.

The Authentic Cruelty of a Synthetic Man
by William Norman Grigg

But then Politics Is the Realm of Scum
So does Ron Paul belong in it? Article by Doug Casey.

There is no way to avert the train wreck now. The plus-51% of the population on the dole alone guarantees it – that’s the point of no return. Not to mention the abject failure of the government education system, and many other factors we’ve discussed before.