The People Who Live On This Island Will Kill Anyone Who Tries To Come Ashore


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Good for "the-Sentinelese"!

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I know, right?  How do we all get our own island?

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I don't need an island. Probably wouldn't move there if I owned one. I'm a sovereign state. That means I am free where I am.

My comment was in favor of what has been called "Sentinelese". People living on that island don't call themselves "Sentinelese". I suspect writers and would-be colonizers are the ones who have come up with the appellation "Sentinel", or "North Sentinel" and labeled them "Sentinelese". They and their ancestors over the years have apparently joined hands and resisted "nationalizers", "nationalization" and "nationalism".

I also suspect some of the inhabitants are freer than others. Some may be sovereign within themselves and amongst their families, friends and neighbors (probably not well understood in the community, and thought to be odd-balls ("radicalized") -- perhaps even dangerous odd-balls). Others probably are dependent upon "tribal leaders", et al., to provide "central authority" and decide issues for them. Just like cross-sections of folks all over the world.