PayPal Withdraws From North Carolina because of New LGBT Discrimination Law


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This reeks of the classic dominant social theme syndrome embedded in most mainstream press. If you don't grasp "dominant social theme" I can no longer help you (unless I cut, paste and post the entire Daily Bell definition I have in my library -- possibly "illegal" according to copyright "law"), as Bell for some reason has seen fit to scuttle access to their definitions glossary.

Of course the presence of the group of psychopaths hiding under the brainless abstraction called "state" eliminates common sense. So arguing whether gays or transsexuals or those in between "should" be allowed in your or my or anybody else's bathroom is moot.

But it's funny how they use the sacred cow of sexuality in the genius of divide-and-conquer.

25 years ago I had never heard of "sexual orientation". I think, after they were successful in introducing the word "gay" as a euphemism for homosexual; it was first called "sexual preference". But then it turned out to be politically incorrect to imply that one had "preferences" in how s/he fooled around sexually. Either is you is or is you ain't homosexual -- you have no "choice" in the "matter". So some mastermind came up with the brilliant idea of inculcating "orientation" into it. That was a stroke of genius. It solidified the "condition".

Oh, how terrible it must be to live in your own body and work through your own desires and "preferences"! Fortunate for me, I'm the richest man in town and like the body I'm in. And, as I've said before, grateful to have lived it in the body of a male (meaning no offense to you ladies, mind you).

I wouldn't want to have faced some of the issues with which you gals have had to cope just to get by. And rest assured, I have no desire to come into your bathroom. Haven't made that egregious error since I quit drinking almost 35 years ago.