Pat-Down Backlash Grows During Travel Rush


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For decades, the vast majority of Americans stood by silence while the rest of us, including our children, were subjected to violent intrusion of our most private places in the name of "protecting" the country from drugs. The only difference between TSA groping and drugwar groping is that drugwar groping takes place at gunpoint in the privacy of our homes. Oh, and the fact that, unlike the drugs in my urine, the gun in your pocket can actually do another person harm.

Here's my proposition: Let the "protectors" put their money where their hands are. If I submit to your "Rape-i-Scan," or agree to let you watch me urinate, or allow your drug dog to get anywhere near my child, and the plane blows up or my child becomes a mule for my drug dealer anyway, I want compensation. I want accountability from the people whose wages I pay.

The "war on terror," like the so-called "war on drugs," is a forever war. And We, the People, are the enemy.