Panetta: US Backing of France in Mali is Model for Future Wars


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This isn't the first time the US is aiding/abetting in France's neo-colonial (Post WWII) endeavors.  There is this place you may have heard of it Vietnam (AKA French Indochina) where the US from 1950 to 1954 provided "military assistance to France and the Associated States of Indochina" under the mistaken belief that the Vietnamese in post WWII's power vaccuum (Japans defeat/End of  French colonialism) would be suseptable to "direct Chinese Communist intervention in Indochina".

These types of "military assistance" programs are very common and as for Secratary of War Panetta his pronouncement that  "US Backing of France in Mali is a Model for Future Wars" what was once old is now new again.

Such blatant support of neo-colonialism serves to highlight the depths of depravity in which  the war criminals operating the levers of power within the US government now reside.   

Having stolen the fruits of an entire continents labor via taxation and having built a global military colosus (Pax Americana) which excells in the use of various client/puppet states and corporate mercenaries (Triple Canopy/Acedemi/etal) to wage proxy wars from afar in order to better enable their benefactors the ability to extract a regions wealth, whether it be cheap labor, access to natural resources or markets it is The Great Game writ large, human potential be damned, all the while able to plausibly deny the repression abroad to an indifferent population at home which is bombarded  24/7/365 with a digital/virtual bread and circus.