Padded Bikini Top For 7-Year-Olds Draws Parents' Ire


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People are prudes. In France and many other countries little girls run around topless or completely naked. Who cares. The media is spinning and playing this up way too much. File under #whogivesashit

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Ah, but I still see a difference between nude and padded... Thank you for taking the time to comment, your thoughts are appreciated. Best Regards...

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G'day Sharon Secor,

That's because you have "eyes to see", i.e. a rational mind, sometimes referred to as good ol' common sense, which very often will, in "real life", take one farther than an high school diploma and a college degree.

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This may not appear germane, yet I believe "strikes the root" of the quandary:

Whoever, I wonder, came up with the idea that the breasts of the human female should be prohibited from public view but the breasts of the male should not??? That prohibition is mainly practiced in western cultures (the professing Chr-stian genres) -- not in Asia. In fact in many Asian, African and other areas the ideas of "modesty" as we know them are not practiced. Such conventions as prostitution are (or were before "westernization") perfectly open, legal and normal.

Yet those places appear to have far lower rates of VD, divorce, pornography, etc. (I have no current substantiation of that, so mark it as opinion for now). At least they didn't until heads of American Empire began to export their GI's into all the earth to conduct their wars and their "police actions".

When I was a young draftee a platoon of soldiers and I dropped into remote rice paddies of Korea. One of our first sights was the appearance of many women -- topless -- with children strapped to backs, working in and walking along fields. Although curious and fearful of Yankees (as well they should have been), they did not appear embarrassed at being thus exposed. They went about their business of tending crops and nursing babies without chagrin.

I didn't quite know how to deal with bare-chested women who were not soliciting for sex -- whether to turn my gaze away, stare, leer (isn't that why the U.S. GI is there -- in addition to killing???).

I'm old (74), father, grandfather and great grandfather of many. I try to make it a point to lead family into openness -- to avoid the dilemma presented by the writer of the article. Avoidance of hypocrisy will go a long way toward solving these difficulties.