Opioids Killed More People In One Ohio County Last Year Than Car Accidents, Homicides, & Suicides Combined


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Most people who die from accidental drug overdose in this country die because the drugs they're using are illegal. This is not an accident. We, as a nation and as a society, have enough experience with drug prohibition to know that the one guaranteed effect that prohibition has on drug use is to make it more dangerous. Blame BiG Pharma and over-prescribing doctors for getting us all addicted; blame unscrupulous drug dealers for adulterated drugs; blame the sick/elderly/handicapped guy down the street who just, for Christ's sake, wants a little relief from pain. But these are not the people who are driving Americans to heroin, they're not the ones allowing tainted drugs to be sold on the streets, who leave our children to die, alone and abandoned, when their experimentation with drugs goes horribly wrong. (Or did you think the only addicts overdose?) No, credit for this so-called "crisis," rests solely at the feet of our own government. Anyone who says differently is either a liar or a fool.