On Black Friday Shopping Mania


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Regardless of what a person calls themselves - Christian, Hindu, Zoroastrian - if they camp out in front of a store, waiting to buy the latest technological gewgaw - their One True God is. . .

Mammon, the God of Stuff

. . . and they just need to come to terms with that.

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S/he would have to be a blind soul to not observe the incestuous relationship between psychopathic religious and government leaders. The entire winter solstice season just passed are livid examples of that connection -- year-after-year, century-after-century, from the beginning of recorded history.

Keep-them-cards-and-letters-comin'-in. Fight decreased tax and tithe revenue common to the winter doldrums. Keep the hoi polloi chanting and jangling slogenry through it all.

Don't be a grinch. Sam

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I'm a Pagan - what you might call a "Neo Pagan," and what I call a "Pagan Scientist." (yes, it's a sort of play on xtian science, by design)

The only thing I bought on Black Friday was a pack of cigs and $5 worth of gas. . . so I spent a whopping $10 that day!