The Obviousness Of Anarchy--John Hasnas


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This is the beautiful argument I have refer'ed to several times here wherein "Man is not necessarily a rational animal, but an imaginative one, he believes that man as a rational animal is a mistake, and that an imaginative one is a more powerful force. I believe getting tied down to logic, and rationality becomes a millstone about ones neck and can drag one into depth of undesired consequences. I believe a broad minded person would embrace the imaginative aspect more wholly. In my time on STR I have noted several writers and comments made are from people who have imagined as well as having applied a bit of logic and rational consideration to their statements. I also have noted some to appear to have the millstone draped about their ideas. This and many other articles was recently published in a collection of essays a few years back. Since having moved and not completely unpacked I cannot provide the publication date of the book. When I procured it, the book was well worth the small investment made.
I felt Hasnas was quiet thorough--but then who am I to speak since my debate skills and knowledge regarding these issues are primitive. I am fondly bound to the "KISS" concept.

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well said...brilliant!