Obtaining Anarchy, How Do We End Government?


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Good point made about the competing differences among anarchists. I sometimes see discussions between anarchists mostly in the economic realm about which theory or method of economics is the perfect way and the emotions become so testy that I wonder if we did realize our "no state" dream if these same people would then turn around and try and enforce their model on everyone else. No ruler means no ruler and at the end of the day what is your economic theory may just not be mine. We thus should be left in a true free market to prove what we believe and let that decide the best course. BTW: I don't believe for all individuals that there is a single pure course that will work for all people and in all cases. Let the Freed market decide!

I also greatly appreciate the author pointing out the need to focus our time and efforts on building or redesigning ourselves so that we can begin loosening the state in our own lives and then in concert, mutual interest or cooperation with other like-minded folk, we start actually building that micro stateless world that like single cell life begins to divide and grow into a new self sustaining life form.

I commend the author on a well written, very thoughtful and totally refreshing piece on anarchism and where we go forward. the article left me thinking we have found the enemy and the enemy is us! No wonder the state has no reason to fear!