ObamaCare Mandate Upheld: Those Dirty, Rotten Taxes!


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I think what is being missed here is that we now, no longer have a exective branch, nor a legislative branch, nor do we have a judicial branch of government as was once established. Jonah Goldberg in his excellent book "Liberal Facism" points out that the development of Facism in the US developed from the "Social Progressive Agenda" nearly a Century ago into what we have today.

I was horriably disheartened when the gereatric SCOTUS retardates turned down most of the Arizona "Imigration Bill", and nearly wept when those morons upheld obamaCare (small "o" used on purpose, as well as a small "p" later on). All of what we are getting is what we have permitted to happen. This is one of the contentions I have when persons bolster the idea of not voting on some moral high grounded principle they have invented.

It is my opinion that every libertarian and every anarchist, hobo, bum, poor, bottom class, middle class and etc., must vote regardless of how useless you think it will be. I know these are bitter, nasty words to see for many, but the near future for this country and its limited freedom will soon be gone. With president obama's obama Care act, every American citizen will be required, by law, to buy insurance, and f you fail to do so you will be fined and fined and fined. We have Facism ready to explode in our faces, however, I am less fearful of obamas contender for the position.

How many of you want the government looking at your private medical records and making decisions as to whether you should be able to continue treatment. An act of Government Genocide is readying itself to happen and the failure to vote will give greater odds that obama wll be re-elected. If he gets a second ticket to ride the second amendment will be gone. obama can write an executive order to have all firearms confiscated from the American populace.

Many of you have issues with the Constitution and the men who wrote it, but now is the time to put those toys away and get serious about the here and now, these battles can be picked up later. If any of us here have any interest in living a free life, to have that liberty we so cherish it is time to set aside the drinking horns and do some very difficult things. If you honestly believe in freedom and the liberty to choose your way of life so do all Americans. Now is the time that at least one of the roots can be stricken and removed.

The obamaCare Mandate having been upheld is the clarion call, the trumpets that will bring down the walls of freedom and liberty. I am neither prophet, or seere, but an observer and a listener.

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    "...I think what is being missed here is that we now, no longer have a exective branch, nor a legislative branch, nor do we have a judicial branch of government as was once established..."

Glock, in order for me to respond with a lesson in anarchy it is necessary to issue a word of caution. When you use the word "we" you are always including some folks who have no desire to be included. Read this article (especially watch the video unless yours are ears that are sensitive to what some consider "bad language").

Here's my reply:

You may no longer have an executive branch, nor a legislative branch nor a judicial branch of government. I do. I think there might be one or two or several others on this site who will also acknowledge having those Branches, but I cannot speak for them. They will need to speak for themselves. That's the nature of anarchy.

My President is responsible for the rotation of the earth on its axis. You'd better be thankful to my President. If He were to shirk His responsibilities and allow the earth to stand still for just a short time all the folks on one side would fry and the folks on the other would freeze -- at least as I understand it. But I really don't know that much about it other than hearsay evidence -- having read scientific articles, etc., (many from theft -- "tax" ha ha -- funded universities). And I never "voted" for my President. I think He "voted" for me, but that, too, is totally a mystery to me. I'm not a religious man (at least I'm not "religious" as most folks perceive religion -- but again, I can't speak for "most folks") -- I attend no churches, synagogs, temples or groups of any kind.

My Representative does not reside in or around the District of Collectivism...er, Columbia. He is the Chairman of the Committee on photosynthesis. If you think about it, you should probably be thankful to my Representative every time you take a breath of air. But He does not need your "vote".

My Judicial Branch judges based upon on Natural Law. As I understand it, that Law was once inscribed upon two tablets of stone and presented as a contract ("constitution", if you will) to a family of people who rejected it and its promise to provide superb rule: government of the President, by the President, and for the people. I'm told the very first politician (translated "serpent" and "satan", but more accurately would be "whispering enchanter" from the original Hebrew) had previously convinced "Their-Founding-Fathers" that they could have government "...of the people, by the people and for the people". The story is encompassed in an all-time best selling Hebrew tomb, the mention of which raises the rankles of not a few on this site.

And that decision, my friend, I truly believe was (to quote your last paragraph):

    "...the clarion call, the trumpets that will bring down the walls of freedom and liberty..."

As I said yesterday, the berobed nerds that are venerated by all the serfs as the US "Supreme Court" did not make any "decision" -- they merely ratified a forgone conclusion. They know who supplies the oats for their nose bags.

You ain't seen nothin' yet! (I think that was Yogi Berra's favorite).

Many, many this next November will figuratively be standing out in the streets, wringing their hands, weeping and moaning, with great hope, awaiting the mummery called "election returns". Neither you nor I need be among them.

Political action is a fools' game.


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Hello Glock 27,
I understand and agree with your passion, but voting will not change anything. I trust that you remember how over 90% of the voters opposed the TARP bailout, yet the congress and all but one of the Presidential candidates figuratively flipped us the bird and passed it anyway. It is said that about 50% of the public is receiving a regular government check, so there was never a chance that Ron Paul would ever have become President. But even if he had won; the congress would have blocked his every move, and he probably would have been assassinated. This country is going down! We can only hope that many more people will continue to wake up, and/or for divine intervention if such a thing is possible.
Back when I was young and ignorant; I served in the Army for 8 years believing I was defending the U.S. from the Russians during the cold war. There are other military veterans here as well. When Obama first passed the Health Care bill, I read somewhere that veterans do not have to pay for the insurance because all veterans are eligible for a partial VA coverage amount based upon income and whether or not the employer provides health insurance. I verified this information at the VA website and then I enrolled for the sole purpose of avoiding the mandated insurance payments. I do not ever intend to use the government doctors because I don't trust them, and I will not take vaccinations or flu shots ever again. I'm interested in switching to the Primal Diet and natural remedies just as soon as I get away from my travelling job early next year.
All we can do is to tactically plan for the worst and hang on the best we can.

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I deeply appreciate your reply. Thanks. You have given me a lot to think about here alone. I was raised in West Virginia and parents were democrat. I use to be too, but then switched to republican, then when obama became president I didn't know what to call myself because I have no compassion for the repubs, nor dems. I started calling myself a "Constitutional Patriot" because I believed that if the Constitution were followed as written we would not be in the mess we are. I am just horriably frustrated, I am autistic because when my world changes on me I can't stand it.

I guess my fear is that this nation is definitely going to evolve into a Faciest state and americans will be told more of what we shall and shall not do. We will line up at bread lines and be defending our homes from those too lazy to stand in a bread and cheese line. I have over 5000 rounds of ammunition and just this week I bought a Mossberg 930 JM Tactical 12 guage shotgun (semi-auto) Right now I might have about 500 rounds of shotgun shells. I am paranoid. I want to be left alone and these sons-of-bitches will not leave me alone. I have recently committed myself to the fact that I will refuse to give up my arms just because the UN and obama want them. They will have them when the actually pull them from my dead hands. Hell. I don't have that many years left anyway.

Excuse my mumbling but I am ballistic over what is happening and I just cannot comprehend within my withering mind how even libertarians and anarchists can sit back and pretend to be so cool about everything that is happening. It makes as much sense to me as putting a Jack Russell terrier in a microwave and setting it on hi. Sorry this isn't a little more intellectual, I am not sure I can talk about the Federal Government in an intellectual manner because they do not conduct themselves in an intellectual or at least common sense manner.

I just discovered this so I don't know how much I have been missing and how many people probable think I am a jerk for not responding. Thanks again Sam. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort in trying to sort this nightmare out.


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    "...I am ballistic over what is happening and I just cannot comprehend within my withering mind how even libertarians and anarchists can sit back and pretend to be so cool about everything that is happening..."

For me it is important -- before I allow a thing or an action to overwhelm me -- that I examine that which is causing me concern, and ascertain if it is something I can change. I must not waste energy (like you, I have limited energy left) on entities or actions I do not have the power to change.

For example, I can share my thoughts and my feelings and my opinions with you. I cannot change you. If, by examining what I've said, you change and later tell me your life has been improved by that change our conversation brought about, so much the good. I feel I've helped a friend, and in so doing MY life has improved also. Because I feel much better about myself when I know I've said or done something that has improved the life of a friend or neighbor, and feeling better about myself amounts to a life improvement.

I, too, often become frustrated. I wish all you guys would just straighten yourselves out and think like I do (just kidding :-]).

But to flail away at "the government" is a fools' game and an invitation to depression and grief. Government is an abstraction -- it does not exist. Men and women exist, often claiming "rulership" over the likes of me with the hope I will "voluntarily comply" with their machinations. I have sent no cowardly drone missiles over strange places to do harm to women and children of other lands. I am not responsible for the fact there are many cowards carrying titles and claiming to represent me who will gleefully do so. I will soundly deny culpability for their actions -- I oppose that behavior vehemently. They are not acting in my name.

No matter how I slice the cards I'm aware that I am ultimately responsible for my own well-being and my own behavior. No human being claiming a "title" has authority over my life or my actions as long as I refrain from aggressive behavior toward them. I am not responsible for the behavior of others.

To expect sanity out of governmentalists would have driven me insane years ago. I avoid allowing myself to bemoan anything done by collectivists, because I cannot reason with that mentality. That would be insanity.

I am a sovereign state.


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Your remarks here have stimulated the growth of an idea. I recognize that the representatives, senators, and etc., are merely people with power to harm me in some manner, but I am garnering information to engage the enemy. Although many will deny the governments existance, in reality it does. One person can make a difference. I realize that the course I am about to set upon will, for all intents and purposes, I recognized will be futile, but at least I can feel like I tried to do something and that's write, write and write to reps, sens, bueaucrat heads, committie heads, etc. Thanks Sam.