Obamacare Has Led to Health Coverage for Millions More People


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You forgot, a lot of lies from the Ministry of Propaganda. I guess those folks I know who lost their private coverage don't count, and those forced from private coverage to a government plan should be satisfied.

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The fundamental problem with health care in the US is that price information, necessary to the efficient operation of even unfree markets, is systematically obfuscated.

Not one hospital in the entire country will give you their charge masters on request. You almost have to raid the place and hold a gun to the hospital administrator's head to get hold of even a portion of it. And in it, you find that people without group-negotiated rates can pay literally hundreds of times the actual cost to the hospital for certain things, such as for "FLR INT POLY LT 2ND" or thousands of variations on such nonsense.

Those prices are *never* shown to patients to get fully informed consent before being added to the bill. And that's why costs are sky high. People are simply denied the information they need to make good economic decisions.