Obama: Worse Than Nixon


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**For how long has this been happening? It does not make any difference, the fact that it happens is enough. My question is how long have media outlets been in bed with a given political figure? This makes an interesting quiery. Journalism is the only real seat of information other than spys. Though the gun bill burns there is still smoke and in a heart beat can re-ignite into a blaze that can consume the American People. Journalism is the only true source to obtain information and to take action as states, sheriffs, and county boards have done. Clinton, in an introduction regarding Journalism (which I cannot find at the moment) stated that papers of the 1800's, would support their candadate regardless of what the real truth was. So another question is "How do we know which journalistic source to acturally believe?
Lying is a protective coating for the human being, it protects the self; it's just that some people have more WD-Lying than others. Since [o]bama is considered the worst of the worst why would any emotionally stable human being who has that level of lying in them even want to be president? There are deeper motives here, He a sociopath who has no regard for human life. He is an "I, me, mine" sociopath who has a passion to rule as aappears to demonstrate all the traits I am aware of that is enought to classify him as a sociopathic dictator. Currently we are under a dictatorship that has not gone full force as of yet, and by the grace of the "force" he has not managed to get all his ducks in a row yet, but there still exists another 3 years. Possibly more than enough time to stage some tragedy to impliment martial law, do away with Habeus the courps. Can it be a coue without bloodshed?
At this precise moment in time legislators need to get the balls to impeach him. No one can tell me there have not been enough laws broken, over looked, passed by, ignored and etc that makes him a threat to any kind of freedom or liberty or persuit of happiness. The fact that he is connected in some manner with "Fast and Furious" seems to be enough to launch a full armored investigation into his activities and those who surround him. I would love to see that and watch the rats abandon ship.
Lying is a unique skill and sociopathys have developed the skill so well they can make anyone believe anything they say or don't say. When [o]bama came onto the scene and all the ties he had to anti-american groups and people were astounding yet he convinced people to vote for him. But who the hell did you have to vote for a crippled, mentally defective war vetren and a hot saucy piece to grace the covers of all their bills. Sex sells so why not get some sex into the picture for McCain. He needed all the help he could get but he still would not fight, but does that mean things would have been different? Yes they would have been different, but which way is an unknown.
I would like to imagine that it would not be as bad as it is now
How many legislators can Americans trust? How many Americans can we trust? Can I trust you? Can you trust me. If yoou need a transplant give me a call. If you can get me there I just might be a willing donor.
I am retired with my wife. Have been now for 7 years. My income taxes are still high. Every year I have to put our $5000 tops $2000 minimun. I can't figure it out. Someone is lying to me or they have initiated a different way to get our money other than what's happening in Cyprus.
Anyway. Lying is a art and the best lyers in the world are sociopathy. Do we have a president who is a sociopath. It seems that way. I can't prove it because I am not a psychiatrist specializing in these areas.
I hope I have said somethign worthwhile. I would appreciate a pm either way.