Obama Should Pardon Hilary Clinton So She Can’t Be Prosecuted, says Jesse Jackson


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<i>One sure sign of a banana republic-style democracy is the way the new administrations jail or exile the bigshots from the previous administrations.</i>
Does Ms. Clinton's innocence or guilt figure into your calculation at all?  To my view, one sure sign of a banana republic is the way high officials are treated as above the law.  Hideous Hillary has taken advantage of this for years, and it appears very clear that there's plenty of evidence to find her guilty of multiple felonies.  Should she  be let off the hook just because her rival won the presidency?  That strikes me as absurd.

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If BHO were to stymie the new Prez in this way, it would give the latter an endless opportunity to point out that HRC escaped only by that trick, and that all Dems are corrupt. I imagine that will deter such action. But Trump would win either way.
If BHO keeps his distance, I have a suggestion for Trump: do a deal with her. Have her plead guilty and sign a full confession, plus an undertaking never again to speak or donate in support of any candidate. Then let the prosecution proceed, and have her photographed in prison orange with cuffs and shackles, and see that she remains behind bars for at least a week. Then grant her a pardon.
Trump would emerge as big-hearted and non-vindictive, while she would be permanently neutered.
None of that would prevent State prosecutors going after her for murder, of course.

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Phew, at last a comment "on-topic". I think these are interesting strategies. I would take it one further...house arrest. I want her jailed, but I don't want Americans to have to pay too much for it. Plus she must be ~70 yrs old. Mr. Schiff should've been sent home, I would extend her the courtesy not afforded to so many non-violent imprisoned people. I think an ankle bracelet, a short radius, and political [neutering] would suffice for me.

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Of course! I always am.
But compared to that of rights, this topic while interesting is very minor.

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Perhaps we could get The American Hat Company to make hats for Bill and Hillary Clinton like they have for Donald Trump minus the gold and diamonds in the headband. They could make them out of whatever orange fabric prisons use or get the felt Arkansas hillbilly hats and die them orange.

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"Does Ms. Clinton's innocence or guilt figure into your calculation at all?" 
Nope. ALL of the ex-POTUS' could be indicted given the USGov's "ham sandwich approach" to law enforcement. The fact that new American administrations do not prosecute or harrass the previous incumbents is moderen political tradition. I believe that it was brought about by a combination of PR considerations, (ie., wishing to appear magnanimous), and understanding that what goes around, comes around. Unless the incoming regime believes they'll never have to leave office (e.g. PRI party in Mexico), you don't harrass and jail election losers or ex-POTUS' cuz as long as we have these elections followed by a peaceful transfers of office, at some point they'll have to leave too.
Bottom line: In a staged managed two-party system like the USGov, the tradition makes sense. Massive guilt makes no difference, something the Clinton Crime family was counting on. Jesse Jackson said this to express his doubts about Trump keeping to the tradition.