Obama Proposes Mandatory Voting


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"He followed up the remark by saying that 'long-term I think it would be fun to have a constitutional amendment process about... how our financial system works.'"

It would be "~fun~" to have a ~constitutional amendment~ "process" about how our financial ~system~ works?! WTF?! Did he actually ~say~ that? We all know that Marx, Mao, Lenin and their ilk are his idols, but wow! His internal external monologue must have malfunctioned seriously there; might as well just come out and say, "Yeah, communism or fascism would be a lot more "fun" than what we've got now."

As for the mandatory voting thing, yeah, big surprise there. Unlike the Ausies, however, they haven't succeeded in taking our "teeth" away from us just yet, so I'd imagine that the average American out there would be a little harder to bully into the voter's booth. Of course, I highly doubt that he'd have the "stones" to go that route. More likely just another "tax" for those who fail to meet their mandatory voting "obligation". Fun, fun, fun...