Obama Prolongs a Failed War


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The drug war has not failed. Oh, it certainly has failed, consistently, to reach its STATED objectives, which are to reduce drug use. But the reality is that the stated objectives, like everything else about this dirty, ugly war, are a lie. Prohibition is, and always has been, a tool of oppression. And you don't wage war on people to help them, or protect them, or save them. You wage war on people to take what they have or destroy it.

Well, it's working. Thousands of Americans die every year in drugwar violence. Countless families have suffered the reckless destruction of drug raids. Millions of harmless people have been imprisoned, and each one of those is a life damaged or destroyed, not by drugs, but by drug laws. Let's face it, no government campaign would continue at such a hideous price if it was a "failure." The so-called "war on drugs" continues because those who make the decisions are the ones who benefit from it. And in their eyes, their dirty, ugly war is an unqualified success.